Thursday, April 26, 2012


Just a quick update to let you know my new short novella, Purly Gates, is now available at Amazon!

Click on image to purchase.

I'm excited. It's been a slow road to finishing a story, any story. So this is a milestone of sorts. It did set a fire under me, though, because I truly did enjoy writing those last words, closing the pages to a work in progress. Methinks I need to do it again. It could be a nice habit!

I'm also scared. Here's another baby, thrown out of the nest and into the world. He's no longer mine, he's on his own.

Ah, well. It was a wonderful experience, regardless. You know I always liken writing books to childbirth, and so it is. The huge joy, excitement...pain...fear of the unknown...the giving birth and then the letting go and being helpless to defend them when others don't like them. And being happy when some do like them.

But, like childbirth, I'd do it again and again.

You're on your own, Purly old boy. Good luck.


by Sarah Lee said...

I adore your writing. You're so good at creating all the important factors to an intriguing, lovely story! I'm off to read the finished product!

Congratulations on self-publishing Purly Gates!

Vastine Bondurant said...

Thank you, my sweet sister!
I love you!